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Lt. James O'Connor (Retired on 6/1/04) Commander of Newark Police Auto Theft Task Force accepts the National Police Officer of the Month award from FBI Director Robert Mueller, awarded for leadership, valor, and reducing violent crime in the neighborhoods in Newark NJ.  Newark Police Director Robert Rankin Jr. noted, "Newark's ATTF unit has had a tremendous impact on our overall crime reduction and preventions effort and are certainly deserving of recognition for their dedication and hard work.  I am proud of the accomplishments of the ATTF which is a testament to the initiative and effective methods to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods," the director concluded.

Under Lt. James O'Connors Leadership (Retired on 6/1/04), the ATTF produced the following results: 

  • Newark NJ went from #1 in auto Theft to #21 in the Nation

  • Violent crime was reduced by 25 %.

  • Violent gang related crimes reduced by 54%

  • From 5/16/ 1999 to 12/31/2003 

  • 543 loaded firearms recoverd with arrests

  • 2 gang members caught selling guns

  • 872 occupied stolen autos recovered with 1464 arrests

  • 4 chop shops uncovered 2 with search warrants

  • 43 armed car jackers arrested

  • 5 homicide suspects arrested

  • 83 armed robbery suspects arrested

  • 3 gang members arrested for sexual assault/kidnapping

  • 765 narcotics arrests and $202,277.90 confiscated

  • 74 incidents were officers were assaulted - resulting in

    • (1) Detective - Broken neck

    • (4) Detectives - Disabling back injuries

  • Total Arrests: 3164

  • 12,435 motor vehicle summons


This hard work is dedicated to the men & women of the Newark Police Auto Theft Task Force. For more info click on: NLEOMF Officer of the Month October 2003

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