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While these recommendations do not represent all that can be done to improve the hiring process, they do provide a foundation for its growth. If you have any questions concerning this or other security issues please feel free to call Jim O'Connor at Check M Out Security Services and Investigations LLC at 201-760-8818 or email us at: Info@CheckMOut.Com 


Step #1: Write a policy. Write a background screening policy and distribute it to all employees.

Step #2: Announce the policy. Place a permanent sign around the company that clearly states the company's policy on conducting background investigations and drug testing on the job. By posting these signs in public view around the company, it creates a public trust in your company's workforce.

Step #3: Put it online. Place a notice on the company web site about background investigations and drug testing policy. This will deter unwanted individuals from applying for a job. Applicants who visit the company web site for employment information will see that the organization promotes a safe working environment, which is an excellent employee benefit.

Step #4: Disclose your policy to applicants. The law requires that companies tell job applicants about background investigations before they are hired. The disclosure should be in writing and state the reasons for the background investigation. Applicants with something to hide will think twice about applying.

Step #5: Use the job application. Ask all legally allowable questions on the job application, such as: Is there anything you wish to tell us before we perform a background investigation? This one question can save your company lots of money.

Step #6: Include temporary workers. If your company uses a temporary employment service, ensure that you conduct a background investigation on those employees. Why? Because applicants with criminal records often work for temporary employment agencies.

Step #7: Include contractors and vendors. Background investigations should be conducted on the employees of all contractors and vendors that your company utilizes. This should be done prior to one of their workers ever being sent to a site.

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